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Professional Carpet Cleaning Broughton Astley

Broughton Astley is a charming Leicestershire village steeped in history. From its Prime Meridian Line connection to the beautiful St. Mary's Church, there's an air of heritage here. The Prime Meridian Line itself passes right through the village, marked by a granite post erected in 1998. This line, which runs from the North Pole to the South Pole, is the zero degrees of longitude from which all other longitudes are measured. It's a fascinating reminder of Broughton Astley's place on the world map, and a testament to the village's rich history. At Primodry Carpet Cleaning, we believe your carpets should reflect the pride you have in your home or business, enhancing the beauty of your Broughton Astley property.

Reviving the Heart of Your Home – Carpets

Carpets are often a central feature of your space, and daily wear and tear can leave them looking tired. With Primodry's revolutionary low-moisture cleaning, those vibrant colours and plush textures return – and quickly!

A Cleaner Step Forward – Primodry's Low-Moisture Advantage

We understand Broughton Astley residents value tradition, but also embrace modern solutions. Our carpet cleaning in Broughton Astley combines time-tested techniques with cutting-edge technology. The heated bonnet cleaning method loosens stubborn dirt with gentle heat (up to 85 degrees), while powerful extraction removes it for good. With almost no water used, your carpets dry in approximately 30 minutes!

Quiet Cleaning for Peaceful Environments

Just as the Broughton Astley Brook winds its way peacefully through the village, our whisper-quiet cleaning system is non-disruptive. It's ideal for busy homes, tranquil care homes, focused offices, and the relaxing atmosphere of hotels.

The Primodry Process: Meticulous Care for Your Carpets

  • Tailored Approach: We start by identifying your carpet type to ensure the most suitable and safe cleaning process.
  • Spotless Prep: Stains get individual attention with targeted treatments to break them down.
  • Thorough Vacuuming: Every inch gets vacuumed to remove loose debris.
  • Pre-Spray Power: A cleaning pre-spray loosens ground-in dirt and prepares the carpet for deeper cleaning.
  • Agitation: Our specialised brush gently works the cleaning products into the carpet fibres for maximum results.
  • Heated Cleaning and Protection: This is the heart of our process! The heated bonnet deeply cleans while applying anti-stain and anti-soil protectants for lasting beauty.
  • Perfect Finish: Final grooming restores your carpets' original texture and pile.

Why Choose Primodry Carpet Cleaning?

  • Fast Drying – Carpets ready in around 30 minutes
  • Eco-Conscious – Minimal water usage
  • Deep Cleaning – Effective stain and dirt removal
  • Long-Lasting Protection – Carpets stay cleaner for longer
  • Expertise & Care – We treat your Broughton Astley property with respect

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