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Professional Carpet Cleaning Dunton Bassett

Dunton Bassett, a charming village steeped in history, boasts landmarks like the beautiful All Saints Church and the scenic Dunton Bassett Reservoir – reminders of the community's heritage and its peaceful setting. Just as these landmarks deserve proper care, the carpets in your Dunton Bassett home or business deserve the best in cleaning technology. That's where Primodry Carpet Cleaning comes in.

Introducing Primodry: The Revolution in Low-Moisture Cleaning

We understand that damp, soggy carpets can be a disruption in your busy life. That's why Primodry offers an advanced low-moisture carpet cleaning system. Our unique process utilises a heated cleaning pad and a specially designed bonnet, gently agitating carpet fibres at up to 85 degrees to loosen deep-down dirt. The result? Carpets that are impeccably clean and dry to the touch in just 30 minutes – perfect for getting back to enjoying your home after a day exploring the Leicestershire Round trails.

Quiet, Thorough Cleaning for Your Dunton Bassett Space

Like the peaceful Dunton Bassett Reservoir, Primodry offers low-noise carpet cleaning that won't disturb your surroundings. This makes us the perfect choice for your home or business, as well as sensitive settings like care homes and hotels where a tranquil environment is essential.

Our Meticulous Carpet Cleaning in Dunton Bassett

Our process ensures every carpet receives the attention it deserves. We start with an assessment of your carpet type, ensuring its suitability for our methods. Our team identifies stains for targeted treatment and thoroughly vacuums your flooring before a gentle pre-spray breaks down stubborn dirt and oils. Our heated bonnet cleaning with a CRB machine is where the magic happens – and we even apply anti-stain and anti-soil protection to make your carpets more resilient between cleans. Finally, a careful grooming leaves your carpet looking refreshed and renewed.

Why Choose Primodry?

  • Speed: Carpets dry in just 30 minutes
  • Quiet: Minimal noise disruption
  • Eco-Friendly: Low moisture means responsible cleaning practices
  • Thorough: We address stains, dirt, and protect your investment
  • Dunton Bassett Specialists: We know and love this community

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Don't settle for damp carpets and long drying times. Primodry Carpet Cleaning gives you beautifully cleaned carpets and a fast return to normal life. Contact us for a free quote and discover the difference Primodry can make in your Dunton Bassett home or business.

Let us help you keep your Dunton Bassett carpets as beautiful as the village itself!

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